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Strengthen your body and clear your mind with Ashtanga yoga classes and lessons in Orlando, FL at The Yoga Shala.  Instructors at The Yoga Shala teach traditional Ashtanga Yoga at a pace that is appropriate for each student, allowing each participant to find a comfortable pace and gain new flexibility, clarity of mind and de-stress on a schedule that works for them.

Ashtanga yoga works to purify and strengthen the body, mind and spirit through integrative exercises that focus and explore each area.  Through physical postures, deep breathing and focused attention, the body becomes stronger and more flexible, releasing aches and discomfort held in organs, muscles and joints, while the mind releases stressful fixations and brings in balance and clarity.  The Yoga Shala offers a wide array of classes for new and experienced yoga practitioners, in both class and individual settings.

Learn more about traditional Ashtanga yoga and the many health benefits from its practice.  Read about The Yoga Shala’s expert instructors and find a class the works best for you.  Call today or stop in to sign up for a class.
for new students $40 for two weeks of unlimited yoga.


In Strength & Grace, established Ashtanga Yoga practitioners reveal how they have maintained their Ashtanga Yoga practices as they journey into various stages of life. Through the recollections of these exceptional women, we are given a glimpse of how powerful – and healing – the Ashtanga system can be when practiced with wisdom and patience.

This collection of essays provides guidance on how to develop and maintain a regular practice with an awareness – not a rejection – of the unique qualities of a woman’s body. It is through their words that we see the strength and grace that is open to all of us who show up to practice with devotion and an open heart. 

Krista Shirley is featured in over 33 pages of the book as one of the 12 contributing yoginis. Her contributions include her essay 7 Treasures for Ashtanga Practitioners.  In this piece, Krista highlights empowerment as her most influential practice in yoga, "... empowering ourselves to be able to harness the greatest parts of ourselves and be the best women, mothers, sisters, wives, teachers and businesswomen we can possibly be."